Application Overview

In terms of variety, quality, purity and traceability, BungeMaxx lecithins offer a multitude of uses in food and nutritional products. The product range includes soya, both GM and non-GM, as well as non-allergenic and non-GMO SUNFLOWER and RAPESEED LECITHIN. Lecithins can be found in a broad range of foods in everyday life.


Lecithins allow improved cocoa processing, reduced cocoa butter input and improved chocolate quality. Increased temperature resistance, extended shelf life and the preservation of appealing surfaces of chocolate products for extended periods of time are just some examples of the positive lecithin effects on product properties.

Bakery Products

In bakery products lecithins are commonly used to ensure even mixing of the batter, decreasing stickiness of the dough and reducing fat content. They facilitate moisture retention in the final product and improve taste and freshness. In addition, higher volume yield, finer pores and better crusts can be achieved with lecithins in bread and bread rolls.

Margarines and Fats

When lecithin is added as an emulsifier in margarines, it helps to avoid spattering of hot fat and scorching of milk casein when food is pan fried. The composition of the lecithin can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the margarine and its application.

Chewing Gum

Keeping chewing gum nice and smooth when it is being chewed on can be a challenge for manufacturers. Adding a small amount of lecithin to the formulation keeps chewing gum elastic, soft and ensures a homogenous mixture of all ingredients. This creates the chewing gum properties to which we have grown accustomed today.

Instant Products

Cooking in industrialised countries is hardly imaginable without instant products. Lecithin is one of the key ingredients used to improve the dispersability of powders with high fat contents. Lecithin also enhances the wettability of ingredients which are high in protein.

Nutritional Supplements

Lecithin plays an active role in human metabolism. It is added to many nutritional supplements. Lecithin enriched products such as capsules, powders and granulates are used by health conscious consumers.