At a Glance

BungeMaxx is the global product line of specialty lecithins primarily developed and manufactured for the food and nutritional industry.

Sustainable Raw Materials

Encouraging sustainable agriculture is strategic for BUNGE to provide customers with products manufactured with efficient use of natural resources. A sustainable supply of quality assured raw materials is the starting point of the traceability of BungeMaxx. In North America, BUNGE is a founding member of “Field to Market” (, an organisation dedicated to improving the productivity and environmental efficiency of agriculture across the entire food production chain.

In 2013 BUNGE launched a multi-year partnership with "The Nature Conservancy" ( in Brazil to help improve the sustainability of production agriculture in the country. In partnership with "Srijan" in India (, BUNGE is working with small holders to help them increase their soya bean yields and improve their businesses. By teaching best practices which allow farmers to produce more crops on less land, BUNGE is helping farming families in India realise the full potential of soya beans as an important cash crop while improving agricultural productivity and sustainability in the country.

These are examples of the efforts BUNGE has initiated to ensure the environmentally friendly supply of our premium raw materials.

State of the Art Processing

In all of BUNGE’s production sites, the latest technology is used and accompanied by frequent in process controls. In addition to the quality and purity, the direct supply to the market of lecithins from BUNGE as a fully integrated manufacturer means additional customer benefits including traceability through the entire process right up to the final product.

For example, even more rigorous process monitoring and additional filtration steps ensure a high level of purity for Bunge sunflower lecithin. Quality and product properties can be matched to customer requirements. This demonstrates our ability to develop and supply solutions with a clear focus on the needs of each individual customer.

BungeMaxx – Specialty Lecithins for Food Applications

Specialty lecithins of the BUNGE group were developed for the food and nutritional industry. Outstanding product properties will make these lecithins the preferred choice for producing food emulsions, instant products, release agents and in other applications.

BUNGE is a leading global agribusiness and food ingredient company. BUNGE is always able to be close to
its customers. We are capable of understanding their needs and can fulfil their requirements by delivering customised solutions.