Food & Ingredients

BUNGE is the largest manufacturer of lecithins in the world. Now, in addition to being a producer, we are integrating our activities and launching our BungeMaxx lecithins globally.

BUNGE purchases oilseeds such as soya, rapeseed and sunflower from farmers and cooperatives. We bring these seeds into our facilities and process them into our products such as meal, oil and lecithin. BungeMaxx lecithins have been developed and subsequently manufactured for a variety of uses in the food and nutrition industry.

Processing and quality management adhere to strict procedures and processes. Product quality is frequently monitored. As a result of this, our BungeMaxx lecithins will be some of the best lecithin products available on the market.

We are able to offer traceability and quality and meet Kosher and Halal standards. With our fully integrated process management, we are able to supply lecithin products manufactured based on years of expertise. In addition, certifications such as ISO 9002, IFS and FSSC 22000 ensure that our customers can rely on a quality supply of premium products anytime and anywhere in the world.

Our processing expertise will enable us to manufacture products such as super clear lecithins, which will surpass the quality of conventional lecithins available in the market today.

BungeMaxx lecithins are our quality promise to our customers: A continuous and reliable supply of specialty lecithins.